About Infinite Auctions

       Serious collectors know that collections evolve just as we have evolved as a company to meet the growing needs of our clients. We are now offering high quality images, detailed emails regarding our premier lots and we have one of the highest lot to bidder ratios in the industry as we are extremely focused on quality over quantitiy.

       Infinite Auctions has auctioned off the player collections of NBA Hall of Famers Allen Iverson, Calvin Murphy and Zelmo Beaty. Infinite Auctions has also sold over three million dollars in sports memorabilia since our 2015 launch. In a recent auction we photo matched and sold a Michael Jordan Game Worn Jersey for $76,107, an Aaron Rodgers Game Worn Packers jersey for $22,786 as well as Zelmo Beaty's 71' Utah Stars ABA Championship Ring for $28,467. Our goal is to showcase items that keep our bidders captivated from the first lot to the finish. We sincerely thank all of our bidders and consignors who have been a part of our journey as we continue to meet your collecting needs.

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The Zelmo Beaty Player Collection Sold Here!

The Allen Iverson Player Collection  Sold Here!

The Calvin Murphy Player Collection Sold Here!